Referential  Cohesion

Referential cohesion is the overlap between words, word stems, or concepts from one sentence to another. When sentences and paragraphs have similar words or conceptual ideas, it is easier for the reader to make connections between those ideas. Sometimes, however, low cohesion is desirable if you want the reader to create connections to understand the text. 

Semantic Cohesion

Semantic Analysis provides measures of semantic overlap between sentences or between paragraphs. This measures how conceptually similar each sentence is to the next sentence.  for example:  "The field was full of lush, green grass. The horses grazed peacefully. The young children played with kites. The women occasionally looked up, but only occasionally.  A warm summer breeze blew and everyone, for once, was almost happy. " The words in the text tend to be thematically related to a pleasant day in an idyllic park scene: green, grass, children, playing, summer, breeze, kites, and happy,

Cohesion Indices

Noun overlap

형태론적으로 동일한 명사  중복 비율

New, Book, Photography, Landscape
Argument overlap

형태론적으로 차이가 있는 (대)명사 중복 비율

Stem overlap

명사와 내용어 사이의 중복 비율

Content word overlap

문장간 명시적 내용어 중복 비율

LSA sentences adjacent

인접 문장 간 의미적 유사성 정도

LSA sentence all

전체 문장 간 의미적 유사성 정도

LSA Given-New

 구(given)-신(new) 정보 정도

LSA paragraph adjacent 

인접 문단 간 의미성 응집성